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Breakfast is literally a scam.

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Orange Juice Marketing

/ 10 and with heavy breakfasts being the one to blame for the indigestion epidemic John H Kellogg saw his golden opportunity and Kellogg didn't waste a second he did everything in his power to make his toasted corn flakes the new go-to morning meal he bought up some ad space and newspapers and started making some outrageous Health claims toasted corn flakes can cure your dyspepsia in a flash it can cure constipation it can cure headaches it enriches your blood it will even give you a Slimmer figure never mind that corn and skim milk is the exact thing used by Farmers to fatten their pigs the public never even blinked they wanted breakfast that didn't make them sick at work and here it was when Kellogg's added grinning mascots to their boxes kids basically begged on their knees for this new breakfast alternative a meal that was originally meant for pigs and eventually John H Kellogg would coin a phrase that would remain in our Zeitgeist for decades to come breakfast the most important meal of the day he did it the masses were cuckoo for cereal and as the CEO of Beechnut the biggest producer of bacon this was infuriating you needed to get Americans to stop worrying about this stupid dyspepsia stuff and start eating bacon again a simple damn breakfast time is running out and that's when you went to our guy Edward Bernays the father of propaganda 10:50 → 12:24

/ 10 and this is how he did it first he asked one of the doctors on his own marketing agency staff which type of breakfast was healthier a heavy one or a light one the doctor replied that out of the two options a heavy breakfast would be better because it provides more energy 13:17 → 13:34

/ 10 and so after just a few years of this propaganda storm Beach Nut bacon sales went from lukewarm to sizzling hot yes the Beloved profitable Farm style breakfast was back on the table as was cereal neither were proven healthy as the first meal of the day but they made a few men a whole lot of money and there was still more money to be made 14:58 → 15:23

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