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Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef Round 2 | Two-Hour Special Interview

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The Story of Meeting Piers Morgan

/ 10 I got on a plane I flew 6 and a half thousand miles and not only that we're doing it in somewhere that is very familiar to you it's The Comedy Store in Los Angeles where you performed many times as a standup 00:17 → 00:30

/ 10 we said the story on air and it was funny I made a joke I like you have always been standing against cancel culture and you just canceled me on the 01:49 → 01:57

Global Response to the Interview

/ 10 I was completely staggered by the response globally to our interview several weeks ago 02:11 → 02:17

/ 10 people felt hurt and when people have this feeling they they're happy they are they have this response they said oh my God for the for the first time the West are actually hearing our point of view 03:03 → 03:15

/ 10 at least we have a conversation and I think that is the reason why people reacted that way 03:19 → 03:25

Media Coverage of the Middle East

/ 10 for many years the media covering the Middle East has uh been um showing a certain point of view I'm not going to say bias but I would say it did not allow certain voices certain um voices from the other side to be heard that is why you see the frustration you all whenever you speak to people in the Middle East they tell you the same thing uh they they they not very happy with the the coverage because our voices are not heard 02:24 → 02:52

/ 10 and yet just because I relate some of of the talking points that we say and we hear the whole time people felt hurt 02:57 → 03:06

Scale of the Reaction to the Interview

/ 10 were you taken back by the scale of it uh yes of course but I understand why 02:17 → 02:23

/ 10 it's such an incendiary subject matter I've never seen social media so Ablaze with hostility on on both sides but did you actually as well as enormous praise from the Arab world did you also get criticized by some parts of the Arab world for not going perhaps hard enough 03:26 → 03:45

Nuanced Conversation and Backlash

/ 10 why don't you speak up if you speak up you didn't speak up if you're done why are you if you speak up too much oh you're taking all the attention on you 03:51 → 03:58

/ 10 I think it is important to have uh a nuanced deep interesting intelligent conversation a lot of people waiting for this are kind yeah B Barry Pierce show him and this is the problem with the news today the problem is the news today it's not about the news anymore it's about the people giving you the news 04:27 → 04:51

Bassam Youssef's Journey

/ 10 I began in Cairo as a heart surgeon 05:40 → 05:43

/ 10 I had my own show on YouTube 05:58 → 06:00

/ 10 I was a heart surgeon until yeah uh I spent 19 years in that car 7 years in medical school 12 years as a practicing doctor and uh 2011 happened and the revolution happened 05:47 → 05:58

/ 10 I had to leave and I and I came here eventually 09:32 → 09:34

/ 10 I want to tell it because you just decided to do five minute stuff on YouTube yeah and you are expecting a few people to watch it and then literally it just flies and suddenly you're getting millions of people watching this and very quickly one of the big networks comes in and then you're suddenly doing this stuff for 30 to 40 million people like a third of the entire population of Egypt is tuning in to watch it you're the biggest star of Egyptian television 07:56 → 08:25

/ 10 I actually went to a studio very near here about a mile down the road on sun the CNN studio the old Larry King studio and I went live for the first time and it was about the Arab Spring it was about what was happening in Egypt and at the same time you in Egypt were actually in Tera Square helping wounded protesters actually medically treating them 06:25 → 06:48

/ 10 it kind of gives you a different perspective when you see helpless defenseless people who do who are not armed they are being beaten by Security Forces military forces being shot being uh you know hurt and uh all we can do is just like provide some medical attention and it kind of gives you a perspective to see how Humanity sometimes can show its most ugly fa and the suppression of free speech freedom of expression yeah the ability of people to say what they honestly feel about a situation yes and the suppression of people's basic rise to Freedom 07:07 → 07:46

Leaving Egypt and Coming to America

/ 10 I had my own show on YouTube I did like small videos well I'm going to come to this because I was in I by coincidence I had just joined CNN to replace the great Larry King 05:58 → 06:08

/ 10 I was flying back to Los Angeles when I got a message that Egypt was going up in start of the Arab Spring and I actually went to a studio very near here about a mile down the road on sun the CNN studio the old Larry King studio and I went live for the first time and it was about the Arab Spring it was about what was happening in Egypt and at the same time you in Egypt were actually in Tera Square helping wounded protesters actually medically treating them 06:18 → 06:47

Moral Quandary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

/ 10 I viewed what happened on October the 7th as is an absolutely appalling atrocity a terror attack of unimaginable horror and I absolutely think that Israel has a right to defend itself from the people who committed it 24:25 → 24:41

/ 10 I have a moral quandry because my instinct is to say that Israel has no choice but to respond to what happened in a very forceful manner I understand why they want to eliminate Hamas Al together I understand that if they feel they can then perhaps we can move to a a two-state solution or peace or whatever it may be 25:16 → 25:37

/ 10 at what point does this become disproportionate and when you see thousands of children being killed in Gaza it fills me with utter horror 25:44 → 25:53

Rise of Anti-Semitism

/ 10 I think it's an important issue I think there is a rise of anti-em semitism in the world and I think there is uh this is very dangerous as a Muslim who has been through events where the were terrorist attacks somewhere and that reflects to us on us I I completely completely feel that uh since what happened I had text message from the je friends are you okay are you are wise family okay 29:13 → 29:40

Understanding the Other Side

/ 10 why we do not see each other people in the Middle East people in the west that we do not put ourselves in each other shoes I want to do something very interesting today I want to give I I'm I'm I'm I like telling stories and I'm going to tell you a very nice story and this is the story surprise surprise of the suffering and the plight of the Jewish people and I want to say that because it is very inter when you see the trauma and the suffering that the people on the other side went through you might understand why why they coming so so 41:22 → 41:55

The Historical Context

/ 10 Palestine was not on the list that was objected by a lot of rabbis that said like it's a Promised Land but only when the Messiah comes. 45:15 → 45:22

/ 10 Palestinians were pushed out and became refugees. 50:46 → 50:48

/ 10 Israel didn't give an inch of land by peace. 53:34 → 53:38

/ 10 Israel's actions have worsened the situation. 56:48 → 56:51

The Role of Hamas

/ 10 Hamas is a militant group and considered a terrorist organization. 01:19:33 → 01:19:38

/ 10 Israel has a duty to stop Hamas from perpetrating another terror attack. 01:19:54 → 01:19:59

/ 10 Israel has funded Hamas in the past. 01:13:48 → 01:13:52

The Israeli Response

/ 10 Israel's current approach in Gaza is not justified. 01:03:05 → 01:03:08

/ 10 There is no justification for what Israel is doing now. 01:23:44 → 01:23:48

/ 10 Israel's response is disproportionate. 24:43 → 24:46

/ 10 Israel's actions have created more hate and radicalism. 01:19:26 → 01:19:31

The Need for a Solution

/ 10 The conditions in Gaza are completely unacceptable. 01:17:54 → 01:17:58

/ 10 The Israeli government should focus on addressing the root causes of terrorism. 01:43:08 → 01:43:11

/ 10 The goal should be to give Palestinians what they deserve. 01:18:43 → 01:18:49

The Role of Iran

/ 10 Iran may have played a role in the recent conflict. 01:14:07 → 01:14:09

/ 10 Iran may have orchestrated the terror attack through its proxy, Hamas. 01:06:41 → 01:06:45

/ 10 Iran's involvement could lead to a wider conflict in the region. 01:26:38 → 01:26:43

/ 10 The situation in Afghanistan can serve as a comparison. 27:53 → 27:57

The Future of the Conflict

/ 10 There is a fear of a massive war raging through the region. 01:26:50 → 01:26:52

/ 10 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict may escalate further. 01:30:24 → 01:30:26

The Vision for Peace

/ 10 The focus should be on finding a peaceful solution. 54:09 → 54:11

/ 10 The Palestinian people deserve justice and a better life. 01:05:54 → 01:05:57

/ 10 Israel should give Palestinians their rights and address the root causes of terrorism. 01:29:17 → 01:29:21

/ 10 The goal should be to create a sustainable peace in the region. 01:38:57 → 01:39:01

Israel's Policy on Two-State Solution

/ 10 no because Israel have already shown its it's not about Netanyahu it is the policy of Israel not to give the Palestinian their seat it has always been there 01:29:10 → 01:29:20

/ 10 Israel has been tell you know but then would say the same about the other side 01:29:26 → 01:29:30

/ 10 Israel is a racist apartheid country that is projecting this shiny example of secularism and democracy for the people so people can accept whatever they do because they look at Palestinians as lesser people 01:37:23 → 01:37:40

Challenges to Achieving Peace

/ 10 let's assume somehow we get to a place possibly at the instigation of countries like Saudi Arabia and others getting directly involved where you get to a place where Hamas are removed and I don't quite see how that happens without enormous further Bloodshed but let's assume they get removed let's assume that Netanyahu is removed from office which I think is highly likely just from the fury of his own people about what they see as the defensive and security failings plus his attack on the Supreme Court already causing huge polarization let's assume we get new leadership in both places could there still be peace could there still be a two-state solution it can never happen 01:28:30 → 01:29:10

/ 10 I don't think you can do that with Hamas think they're on a different schedle to go to the IRA but we did have a seemingly intractable Place riddled with violence okay on both sides and eventually we got peace do you not see there's any chance of doing that here no not with Israel 01:30:03 → 01:30:21

/ 10 there can never be peace in this region I I think they can't be with the current leadership structures in both countries or both places 01:38:58 → 01:39:06

Israeli Settlements in the West Bank

/ 10 what have they been doing in the West Bank the illegal settlements did not stop a single day they are completely yeah yeah yeah but but but the thing but you see what they're doing in the West Bank right now they are creating little Gaza they are creating little Gaza 01:30:45 → 01:30:59

Criticism of Israeli Government

/ 10 I just have a problem with all of what the Israeli government's been doing and I have a problem with how any criticism to Israel by some circles here are considered anti-semite this is not fair but a lot of the people doing it are actually anti-semitic yes 01:43:14 → 01:43:27

Media Bias and Perception

/ 10 a lot of people feel the burn the heat whenever but if I was an American I'd be going all right bassim all right we'll take the criticism because you can do that in this country and I'm happy when you criticize the government in your own country yeah they drove you out yes and that's why I came to America to play The White Man's game to actually to to to pass this acquired white privilege to my children but the problem not just a country of white people but but here's the problem and the white man's game the the game in America is not a white man's game it's a game that actually has a democracy and believes in Freedom of speech 01:41:17 → 01:41:49

/ 10 if you're Kye West and you spew anti-semitic G I'm to I will never adopt that kind of point of view but the thing is there is dog whistles everywhere as I told you at the beginning you cannot just say it's like anti-like I mean now the how come that the Palestinian flag is outload by the way it's outload in Israel if you raise the a you go to jail and now they're saying like the Palestinian flag is a pramas no it's not a pramas 01:42:08 → 01:42:35

Desire for Freedom and Equality

/ 10 Israelis deserve the right like any other people 01:45:16 → 01:45:18

/ 10 the Palestinian people should be free the Palestinian people should have exactly the same rights to freedom and freedom of expression and a way to lead their lives and to water and to power and to Internet that Israelis have and we have here in America and we have back in my home country of the UK 01:45:29 → 01:45:47

Importance of Dialogue

/ 10 the way through this is people keep talking 01:46:33 → 01:46:35

/ 10 let's keep talking 01:46:32 → 01:46:33

Limits on Criticizing Israel

/ 10 I'm just like wondering as an as an American yeah but like I I'm doing now because like the first interview went well I'm doing that because I want people to see that you can really speak up and not just get canceled but get rewarded my career is going fine yeah it's great because I want people to have the courage why are there should be no limits 01:40:33 → 01:40:53

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