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Jim Keller on AI, RISC-V, Tenstorrent’s Move to Edge IP

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AI's Impact and Adoption

/ 10 so AI shows up and it's both daunting because it's unwinding our thinking about intelligence applications how software works but it's also getting embedded in things so bloody fast five years from now nobody nobody will remember it wasn't here 00:00 → 00:17

/ 10 AI has been an amazingly open field okay in the sense that a lot of the primary research is published 13:23 → 13:32

Business Models and Competition

/ 10 we're a design company so we're designing AI IP and and cpuip right 00:39 → 00:46

Regulation and Ethics

/ 10 so Sam Altman's been in the U S Senate guess they Sam Altman ah Sam yeah yeah has been in the U.S Senate talking about oh it should be regulated what's your stands on regulation for AI 45:34 → 45:46

/ 10 like what are they going to regulate yeah computers programs yeah the thing is like the the the programs and the modifications of them are easier than people thought 45:50 → 45:59

Neuromorphic Computing

/ 10 I suspect though that the way we think and the way neural networks are more similar than we thought 37:42 → 37:48

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