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UFO hearing: Eyewitnesses describe encounters with "non human" entities to Congress | FULL

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UAP Encounters and Reporting

/ 10 I have experienced Advanced UAP firsthand and I'm here to voice the concerns of more than 30 commercial air crew and military veterans who have confided their similar encounters with me. 24:36 → 24:46

/ 10 Pilots are reporting UAP at altitudes that appear above them at forty thousand feet potentially in low earth orbit or in the gray Zone below the Carmen line. 27:10 → 27:18

/ 10 Right now, military witnesses to UAP have limited options for reporting UAP, but more concerning is that the commercial Aviation sector has not adapted to the lessons that the military has implemented. 38:13 → 38:27

/ 10 Right now, we need a system where Pilots can report without fear of losing their jobs. There is a fear that the stigma associated with this topic is going to lead to professional repercussions either through management or perhaps through their yearly physical check. 38:47 → 39:00

/ 10 There's certainly some National Security concerns when we use our Advanced sensors and our tactical Jets to be able to identify these objects. However, there's no reason that the objects themselves would be classified. 39:37 → 39:47

Transparency and Public Disclosure

/ 10 I believe not from this world. This issue is not a full public disclosure that could undermine National Security, but it is about ensuring that our system of checks and balances works across all work done in the government using taxpayer funds relative to government programs, even unacknowledged way programs have some level of oversight by the appropriate committee members in the House and Senate. 37:07 → 37:26

/ 10 What concerns me is that there's no oversight from our elected officials on anything associated with our government processing or working on Craft. I believe not from this world. This issue is not a full public disclosure that could undermine National Security, but it is about ensuring that our system of checks and balances works across all work done in the government using taxpayer funds relative to government programs, even unacknowledged way programs have some level of oversight by the appropriate committee members in the House and Senate. 37:02 → 37:26

/ 10 I think one of it is acknowledging a vulnerability both from a collection and a countermeasure perspective, so it's no, we haven't cracked for many years even say 20 years back. Is there any reason why when you go back that far things shouldn't be made public unless it shows a specific National Security vulnerability as it relates to a weakness in particular defenses? 40:23 → 40:46

/ 10 I was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering programs to which I was denied access to those additional read-ons when I requested it. 31:46 → 32:01

UAP Incident and Reporting

/ 10 The Tic Tac object we engaged in 2004 was far superior to anything that we had on time have today or looking to develop in the next 10 years if we in fact have programs that possess this technology and needs to have oversight from those people that the citizens of this great country elected in office to represent what is best for the United States and best for the citizens. 37:31 → 37:50

/ 10 Those articles open the door for the government and public that cannot be closed. It has led to an interest from our elected officials who are not focused on Little Green Men but figuring out where these crafts are, where they're from, the technology they possess, and how do they operate. 36:38 → 36:52

/ 10 No one else talked to us, and I was in the top 20 in the battle group. No one came. That Captain was aware, Admiral was aware, nothing was done. 41:03 → 41:11

/ 10 Was this incident the only UAP event that you encountered while you were a pilot? 41:20 → 41:25

/ 10 No, it was not. 53:50 → 53:51

Lack of Reporting and Investigation

/ 10 The incident was never investigated. None of my crew ever questioned. Tapes were never taken, and after a couple days, it turned into a great story with friends. 35:42 → 35:48

/ 10 There's no reason that the objects themselves would be classified. I would be curious to see how the security classification guideline actually spells out the different nuances of how this topic is classified from the perspective of UAP, not National Security. 39:44 → 39:59

/ 10 I think there is a dearth of data due to the fact that the reporting has been limited up to this time. 39:24 → 39:28

Commercial Aviation and UAP

/ 10 Commercial pilots at major airlines, often veterans with decades of flying experience, are reporting UAP at altitudes that appear above them at forty thousand feet, potentially in low earth orbit or in the gray Zone below the Carmen line. 27:05 → 27:18

UAP Technology Superiority

/ 10 the technology that we faced was far superior than anything that we had 41:44 → 41:48

/ 10 you're talking something can go into space go someplace drop down in a matter of seconds do whatever it wants and leave 41:55 → 42:03

Importance of Identifying UAPs

/ 10 identifying friend from foe is very important to us 42:18 → 42:21

/ 10 that's an opening that our adversaries can take advantage of 42:27 → 42:30

Need for Centralized Information Processing

/ 10 there needs to be a location where this information is centralized for processing there needs to be a two-way communication Loop so the operators on the front end have a feedback 42:37 → 42:45

Complaints about Hidden Information

/ 10 the preponderance of my complaint was classified to the intelligence communities 43:11 → 43:14

/ 10 that kind of information 01:09:09 → 01:09:10

Lack of Reporting System for UAP Encounters

/ 10 there's no system to actually report uaps 43:49 → 43:51

/ 10 there has to be a safe and transparent reporting process for Pilots 46:47 → 46:51

Importance of Civilian Reporting

/ 10 what kind of process could be in place for civilians who are not pilots who may have UAP encounters 47:27 → 47:32

/ 10 my recommendations would be to make that a sensor Centric operation 47:36 → 47:40

Witness Testimonies and Retaliation

/ 10 I have to be careful what I say in detail because there is an open whistleblower reprisal investigation on my behalf 52:23 → 52:29

/ 10 they used to hurt me both professionally and personally 52:42 → 52:46

Capabilities of UAPs

/ 10 the objects that are being seen by commercial pilots are performing Maneuvers that are unexplainable 48:33 → 48:39

/ 10 we have nothing that can stop in midair and go the other direction 48:47 → 48:50

Contractors and UAP Reporting

/ 10 certainly the contractors you know or the metal Benders so to speak they're the ones actually uh doing specific performance on government contracts are they required um to issue any disclosure regarding UAP sightings or do they engage in any reporting around this in terms of the contractors not that I'm aware of they do not okay now when it comes to notification that you had mentioned about um irap program I read programs we have seen defense contractors abuse their contracts before through this committee I have seen it personally and I have also seen the notification requirements to Congress abused um I am wondering one of the loopholes that we see in the law is that there is at least from my vantage point is that depending on what we're seeing is that there are no actual definitions or requirements for notification are there what methods of notification Did You observe like when they say they notified Congress how did they do that do you have insight into that uh for certain irad activities uh I can only think of one's conventional in nature um sometimes they throw flow through certain I would say sap programs that have cognizant authority over the air force or something and those are congressionally reported compartments but ired is literally internal to the contractor so as long as it's money either profits private investment Etc they can do whatever they want to put a finer point on it when there is a requirement for any agency or company to notify or any agency to notify Congress do they contact the chairman of a committee do they get them on the phone specifically is this through an email to hypothetically a dead email box a lot of it comes through what they call the PPR periodic program review process if it's a you know a sap or controlled Access program equity and then those go to the specific committees whether it be the SAS Cask you see thank you 01:25:19 → 01:27:24

FAA and UAP Reporting

/ 10 Mr Graves one of your main concerns that the FAA currently does not have an official process to receive reports of UAP from Pilots or others correct 01:27:27 → 01:27:35

/ 10 in your experience what data should the Aero program prioritize for potential collection we have you know location date time but are there other specific active characteristics that should be included in these reports certainly I think that there's two categories that would be important one would be kinematics and understanding the specifics of how the vehicle or objects are moving and the second would be a more zoomed out approach of being able to look at origin and destination after before the incident as well as getting a better contextual understanding of how these uh these objects are interact with each other 01:27:38 → 01:28:12

Looking for UAP Information

/ 10 for the record if you were me where would you look titles programs departments regions if you could just name anything and I put that as an open question to the three of you I'd be happy to give you that in a closed environment I can tell you specifically thank you I would say and I've told people that you you have to know where to look they're not going to divulge it to you because of classification levels but if you know where to look and who to talk to which is exactly Mr aggression point you then you then you have them okay Mr Graves I was an operator so I was defending on folks like Mr garage to do that homework 01:28:19 → 01:29:00

Phoenix Lights and UAP Sightings

/ 10 now having said that I'm going to take you to specific instances around the Phoenix Valley because that's where I I live and in 97 we had the famous Phoenix light case I don't know if any of you are familiar with that there were there were two things that went along with that and the explanation was military training range off Luke and the Barry Goldwater range do you know anything different other than the official explanation of those lights only what's in the public vernacular about it that was outside the scope of mysduties and if we wanted to just my question along with my colleague from New York Miss ocasio-cortez if we wanted to find out more about that where would we go to find the files and who where and who would we address I know you can tell me we need to go to a skiff so you can tell us in a skiff I could potentially give you a vector on that that specific case I'm not I mean I'm familiar with it in terms of public but uh I I give you a vector in close environment yeah that would be good 01:29:55 → 01:30:59

UAP and National Security

/ 10 Mr favor you've described your episode in detail now and you call it uh the most credible UF site UFO sighting in history um but I wonder was this the first time that you encountered a UFO or a UAP in 2004 yes and what was your general attitude or perspective on the UFO discussion before that happened I never felt that we were alone with all the planets out there but I wasn't a UFO personaI wasn't I wasn't watching History Channel and mufon and all that have you had experiences or encounters since that happened novum so have you formed any general conclusions about what you think you experienced then yes I think what we experienced was like I said well beyond the Material Science and the capabilities that we had at the time that we have currently or that we're going to have in the next 10 to 20 years Mr grush you've been able to answer in great detail on certain questions and then other things you say you're not able uh to respond to can you just explain where you're Drawing the Line uh and what's the basis for that yeah based on my dobster Security review and what they've determined that is unclassified 02:03:24 → 02:04:55

Public Reporting and Whistleblowers

/ 10 how can the public contribute to UAP reporting and what Avenues you think are available to the public to report these sightings well right now I don't think there is a lot of public options for the every man to be able to report on this I think even for professionals that have sensor data that are seeing these on a regular basis they're still hesitant to come forward and so for the general public I think encouraging the conversations that we're having today looking for Technology Solutions that can be distributed so the objective data can be gathered is the first place to go Mr garage I'll just touch on The Whistleblower side of it I do encourage you know current former military intelligence community in Industry contractors to come forward in a legal way either through the IC or DOD or whatever the cognizant digs are um to lead you know lead you know join me in this discussion 02:08:32 → 02:09:23

Closing Remarks

/ 10 I also want to note for our Witnesses and for the public that I'm I'm a freshman member of Congress and I've only been here for seven months but this is by far the most bipartisan conversation and discussion that I have seen happen in the Congress and I think that a topic of this significance as it relates to our national security as it relates to information that we're trying to gather for the for the for the American public uh does bring people together and I think that's been really great uh to see I think it's also important to note for the public we today in our hearing we had on our side also both are full ranking member which is Mr Raskin and our vice ranking member which is Miss ocasio-cortez uh both here at our hearing I think it shows the importance 02:10:59 → 02:11:44

Importance of Discussions and Hearings

/ 10 I think it's really important that we have and continue these discussions and these hearings clearly there's a lot of information that we don't know but it's also very clear that we have to continue our investigation and accountability on asking the right questions and ensuring that they're part of the public record 02:11:59 → 02:12:15

/ 10 let me also just add an additional note that it's important also that our um our friends in the media and those that are not just reporting on this hearing but that reporter on this topic that may in the future the media has an important role uh in this process and it's very important that the media engages does independent investigation and reports on not just what happened today but what they what they see independently as what has happened around uaps in the broader community that is also an important um public benefit that we have in trying to get the information and the facts as it relates uh to this 02:12:36 → 02:13:15

Importance of Transparency

/ 10 transparency is the Cornerstone of government 02:13:39 → 02:13:41

/ 10 thank you all for for agreeing to do that today transparency is the Cornerstone of government 02:13:36 → 02:13:41

Acknowledgment of Work

/ 10 I need to compliment the folks in my office that did a lot of the work on this of Rachel and Noah sitting behind me here they're very quiet and humble but if without them this thing would not have come off like it did so I apologize 02:14:20 → 02:14:31

/ 10 like to thank everybody who was here sticking through through the entire hearing 02:14:52 → 02:14:56

Interest in Making Information Public

/ 10 I think we're going to want to look into what we can do to make more of this information public there's certainly a time period after which it should always be made public and people have been concerned about these issues like I said since I was in high school 02:14:33 → 02:14:49

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