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The Great Taking - The Elite Class Plan to Leave the Rest of Us With Nothing

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The Erosion of Property Rights

/ 10 what they did was follow that over years and saw how the legislation was being changed so Not only was the property rights being subverted some monster was being created out of the lack of property rights that we now had over our Securities 06:34 → 06:47

/ 10 property rights give you controlling uh controlling ownership over a resource or an asset and that's defined in law so it sets out what you can do with the assets so you can pass it on to another party transfer rights you can derive economic benefit from it sell it uh you can even destroy it 09:43 → 10:00

/ 10 property rights themselves have a legal construct and what they do is they give you controlling uh controlling ownership over a resource or an asset and that's defined in law so it sets out what you can do with the assets so you can pass it on to another party transfer rights you can derive economic benefit from it sell it uh you can even destroy it 09:40 → 10:00

Dematerialization and Fungible Securities

/ 10 once this started to happen what they did in the US was they created a a literally a single Central entity called the depository trust corporation uh and the DTC as we'll call it just for is is the largest security depository in the world now so it has all of the securities issued by the US are held with that 20:34 → 20:54

/ 10 Securities now is fungible bulk which means like I said the all held in one it's just one big book so it's almost seen as one giant asset so going back to my statement about the wind you can see like it's very hard now to ascribe Tom property rights or make property rights because if you try to do this legally there's not any uh clear definition in that bulk of Who's got what so what you now actually have is just a pro rat claim and this is laid out in the book as a security entitlement 22:43 → 23:12

/ 10 Securities have been turned into something quite similar you know it's like a currency it's all held centrally and that's open for exploitation in just the same way that our bank deposits have been leveraged now for bank balance it's very much the same with Securities they've created a bailing mechanism for the system for the derivatives complex for some secured Predators 24:41 → 25:00

Legal Precedent and the Great Taking

/ 10 there is no way to backstop that system like it's impossible to backstop the derivatives complex but what the book makes clear is that's the point the point is not to backstop it so all the collateral can be taken like if you imagine like all the assets are on a big table they're just going to sweep it all off into the into the lap of a secured creditor class and legally this has already been tested 27:42 → 28:05

/ 10 they've actually pursued something which is called um what's the 10 that that's used for I think it's was it safe not the safe Harbor's part but that's important to mention too but they they produce something called um I think it was perfection in law and perfection in law is where you have something that is iron tight like there's no ambiguity at all and therefore once it gets to the stage where this is going to be deployed there's going to be no barriers you know it's like the foundations have tookouts it will just be so effortless you know if they're bringing down a building a controlled collapse you have to take out all the structure all of the um foundations and all of the the beams and then it comes down well it's just the same as that 29:33 → 30:15

/ 10 they actually did something called harmonization which is one of the legislations around property rights in relation to Securities was effectively made consistent across all all countries so any pockets of resistance or pre-existing legal doctrines because some of them are centuries old like there's one Lex Ray sitai I think it's called that's a very old doctrine that means the rights for the property rights are determined by the location of that property so they had to do away with that so they've really had to work at this time it's not something that could be haphazardly come across where someone could make the conclusion that oh they're going to take this uh were they they the conclusion could be they're gonna maybe do it no it's like no actually it really required a really quite a concerted effort and I'd I'd say it's actually unequivocal that their mechanisms are there the goal was there the idea was was driving this 31:08 → 32:03

Precedent for Bank Holidays

/ 10 the Federal Reserve passively watched the transformation of a normal recession into the Great Depression the Federal Reserve allowed some large public Bank figures particularly that of the New York Bank of the United States in December 1930 which produce panic and widespread runs on local banks and the Federal Reserve sat idly by while Banks collapsed if the FED had provided emergency lending to these Key Banks or simply bought government bonds on the open market to provide liquidity and increase the quantity of money after the Key Banks fell all the rest of the banks would not have fallen after the large ones did and the money supply would not have fallen as far as it did 33:20 → 34:05

/ 10 I would like to say Milton and Anna are right regarding the Great Depression you're right we did it we're very sorry but thanks to you we won't do it again 34:21 → 34:31

The End of the Monetary System

/ 10 every monetary system at some point ends and the reserve currencies always change 44:25 → 44:30

/ 10 we all should have been expecting that at some point this experiment of completely Fiat money that started in 1971 would come to an end 44:32 → 44:41

/ 10 we know that there's no answer to the derivatives time bomb and we also know that there is no way to tighten upon these team and we also know that our monetary systems come to an end it takes you to this endgame scenario no matter which way you look at it 45:07 → 45:20

The Desperation of the Power Elite

/ 10 if you're somebody who is power mad your goal would be to leverage that to make sure that you come out of the whole thing on top that you're going to be even more powerful in the next system 45:23 → 45:34

/ 10 they are trying to do it legally that's one thing to remember 48:53 → 48:55

/ 10 they are extremely desperate because they know as well as we do that this system is coming to an end they're terrified of the power vacuum that will ensue when the main mechanism of control which is debt all that system crashes 49:01 → 49:13

The Everything Bubble Collapse

/ 10 we're at a point now in history where that everything bubble has been built it is let's say teetering precariously 46:52 → 47:02

/ 10 we're facing stagnation at very least in a lot of those same categories 48:23 → 48:27

/ 10 the ability to recover economically after a Great Depression 47:22 → 47:26

/ 10 to think that we have the ability to come back after the popping of the everything bubble because of demand is unfortunately misguided as well 48:28 → 48:40

Managing Poverty in the Next System

/ 10 all they can do now or their their main objective now is to manage poverty 49:49 → 49:53

/ 10 the next system is going to be Ubi if they achieve it it would be Ubi nobody with any ownership uh control over what you say what you think what you eat 49:59 → 50:08

/ 10 they're going to want to know why is everything being taken from me 49:17 → 49:20

The Role of Gold and Silver

/ 10 the only thing that I can see in this event that will go up substantially I'm talking like to insane levels would be physical gold with no counterparty risk 51:27 → 51:37

/ 10 silver would be absolutely critical not for not for uh speculation but for actual payments 53:49 → 53:55

/ 10 gold is the wealth preserver and it's the asset of Last Resort 53:07 → 53:11

/ 10 silver would come in it would give you actually something that's uh that you can use as a payment system 54:16 → 54:21

Preparing for the Collapse

/ 10 ultimately we are going to arrive back at the same place 58:30 → 58:32

/ 10 some of the solutions that they came up for that would be exactly the kind of solutions you might need to try and control this uh the collapse of this system 59:22 → 59:31

/ 10 a cyber pandemic whether it was real or initiated by someone else I'll leave that to The Listener to decide but that would be a fantastic smoke screen for some of these mechanisms to start being done 59:53 → 01:00:03

/ 10 maybe we'll have to do a a part two as you did answering answering some questions and talking about a little bit more 01:09:37 → 01:09:46

Living a Meaningful Life

/ 10 once you've got that sorted out you can speculate safely 01:05:58 → 01:06:01

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