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Dr Ben Goertzel Reveals When AI Will Control The World

02:25 58:10

Potential of AI to Control Us

/ 10 Ben Elon Musk said AI was more dangerous than nukes 00:57 → 01:04

/ 10 I think the first one though needs to be taken in context 01:25 → 01:30

/ 10 I think both of those statements are true 01:19 → 01:23

/ 10 I think that's the biggest technology in human history 02:31 → 02:37

/ 10 There's also tremendously more promise 03:20 → 03:23

/ 10 I'm not scared about it in the medium-term future 05:56 → 06:01

/ 10 I have a strong sense this is all going to come out quite well 07:21 → 07:27

/ 10 I'm very optimistic about the post-singularity world 08:21 → 08:25

AI's Potential to Create a Benevolent Singularity

/ 10 if I'd gotten to this the place I am mentally now when I was in my 20s the AI projects I was pulling together in the late 90s probably would have created a benevolent Singularity by by this point in time a lot of people who died wouldn't have had to die right and it wouldn't have the words that we have on on the planet now there's a weird sense of responsibility to being engaged with creating AGI right you don't want to overblow it because you know no one person is that important if any one of us was to be you know hit by a falling meteor The Singularity is still probably gonna happen about the same way 52:28 → 53:10

Controlling the Path to Singularity

/ 10 could we make it happen with less Carnage along the way can we make it happen a few years earlier I mean that that that's something that maybe within within our ability to to control it's about what technology you build and it's about what mindset you have while you while you're building it right 53:13 → 53:31

/ 10 it's a you know exciting and also humbling time 53:33 → 53:37

Disruption and Growth

/ 10 focusing on disruption is important but it's it's half of the picture the pattern of growth that we see is you have surprise you have disruption the patterns and expectations you have are you know they're they're thrown into disarray then what comes out of that disruption is you know something that does fulfill many of the Hope streams and expectations that you had before 55:06 → 55:31

/ 10 every organism that grows needs to preserve its boundaries but also needs to evolve into new unforeseen things right so I think disruption is is half of the picture but it's it is it's one of the important things to be thinking about 55:53 → 56:12

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