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The Weight Loss Scientist: You've Been LIED To About Calories, Dieting & Losing Weight: Giles Yeo

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Traditional Paradigm of Weight Management

/ 10 between 20 and 50 years old the average person will gain about 15 kilos in weight 00:02 → 00:09

/ 10 calories are not accurate 44:46 → 44:49

/ 10 the calorie tells you absolutely nothing zero 00:39 → 00:43

/ 10 there is no One Singular right diet 17:21 → 17:24

/ 10 everyone's brains hates it when they lose weight 00:27 → 00:30

/ 10 the moment you stop the diet the weight will come back on 00:34 → 00:36

/ 10 the moment you lose weight your brain is used to you carrying a certain amount of weight 26:10 → 26:14

/ 10 our brain is trying to respond to this environment but it's responding in a natural fashion 28:10 → 28:16

Ineffectiveness of the traditional paradigm of weight management

/ 10 because protein is chemically the most complex compared to fat and carbs so so it takes the longest to a digest and be metabolized so and because it takes the longest any food which travels further down the gut makes you feel Fuller 43:20 → 43:36

/ 10 protein takes longer to digest travels further down the gut you feel Fuller protein gets digested into amino acids amino acids transfer across the gut wall into our blood and they again go to our cells and organs where they then metabolized during the metabolism stage it then takes a lot of energy to metabolize protein compared to fat and carbs for every 100 calories of protein that you eat we are only ever able to use 70 calories so 30 of the protein calories we eat are spent dealing with protein 43:43 → 44:20

/ 10 protein calories everywhere are 30 wrong just off just just just off the bat because of the amount of energy it actually takes to sort out to sort out Protein that's another reason why it makes you feel Fuller 44:27 → 44:38

/ 10 calories tells you absolutely nothing so it gives you a piece of information how much food you're eating and that's yes I can see how that could be important but I would like to see a world we live in where we were more concerned about the quality of food we are feeding ourselves our kids other people they're necessarily just the pure caloric content 45:28 → 45:47

Misconceptions about calorie counting and quality of food

/ 10 if you stick to a purely calorie counting diet of say 2 000 calories and you stuck to that religiously okay you probably the chances are you probably would lose weight because we probably burnt burnt more than that but how healthy would you be 46:10 → 46:26

/ 10 if you had a healthier diet but a 2 500 calories of a healthier diet would you would you be healthier and that's that's the more important question 46:28 → 46:38

/ 10 calorific availability is the amount of calories that you can extract from a food versus the total number of calories in a food 47:17 → 47:27

/ 10 if you had 100 calories of sugar you would probably end up getting 98 nearly 100 calories out of it nearly 100 okay because sugar is our base fuel we chop once we absorb it there's no digestion that's involved 47:32 → 47:45

/ 10 the moment you say gluten-free you get a gluten-free meal and everything and everything is fine the only downside is some people look at them you know but but so but that is a classic example of of people thinking that it's healthy but can I just once again I'll stop asking you a question soon but did you actually go and get yourself diagnosed about whether or not you are gluten intolerant because it doesn't mean that you're not because you could betby the way you can always ask me questions and to answer your question yes I got diagnosed by Dr Stephen Bartlett right 57:01 → 57:34

/ 10 three to four percent of humans and they're slightly more difficult to measure are probably genuinely gluten intolerant and this could be maybe from a little bit farty till some severe gastrointestinal distress um and but genuinely so and probably it's best for them to at least not have a big bolus of gluten but the rest of us are not but yet 25 as a as a market 25 of us buy gluten-free at any one point 56:04 → 56:30

Effectiveness of plant-based diets and alkaline water

/ 10 as long as you do it carefully and think about it and take the right supplements it is you have to supplement when you're on a plant-based diet okay you have to supplement certain things vitamin B12 iodine iodine pardon me umbyou got to watch your iron you've got to watch your calcium but you can do it safely 01:09:49 → 01:10:09

/ 10 the biggest myth that I want to bust is that it's a diet for everybody it is not veganism plant-based in particular is a diet for the privileged people who can choose to do so 01:10:13 → 01:10:25

/ 10 the Alkali diet makes absolutely no sense whatsoever 01:22:00 → 01:22:04

/ 10 our blood pH is 7.4 and above seven is alkali below seven is acidic okay so it is slightly Alkali and so some guy and I I interviewed him actually um just before he went to jail we'll discuss why in a second um just before he went to jail the guy who founded the Alkali diet okay a guy called Robert Young Dr Robert Young um who said that well if we have um an Alkali blood in order to keep ourselves healthy yes and our Alkali blood is healthy blood we need to eat Alkali Foods this is his his thesis 01:19:59 → 01:20:34

Ineffectiveness of Weight Loss Methods

/ 10 I wish I was half a stone or a stone lighter but if I lost that half a stone I would then have to think about food all the time to keep that half a stone off. 01:24:58 → 01:25:05

/ 10 the likelihood of you getting down to 20 and staying there you can get down to 20 okay if you do some stupid diet but the moment you're paying you ping back you ping right back up again 01:25:40 → 01:25:49

/ 10 what is the way that you would suggest to do that the simple way you know not the like like in complicated go buy this guy's course and do three million sit-ups whatever the simple advice you would give someone that's hoping to create sort of sustainable weight loss? 01:32:16 → 01:32:32

/ 10 it is a good strategy for weight loss if you're an Olympic athlete or a Tour de France writer what if you are a muggle like me a muggle like you a muggle like me then exercise okay exercise you can never replace the goodness and wonderfulness and health benefits of exercise is exercise exercise a good weight loss strategy for a muggle like Steve no it's a good weight maintenance tool though 01:34:30 → 01:34:56

/ 10 we don't exercise enough 01:36:22 → 01:36:24

/ 10 exercise makes you feel hungry you can't outrun a bad diet 01:34:23 → 01:34:26

/ 10 there is no Health at every size because you will become ill if you become too big 01:39:38 → 01:39:42

Importance of Muscle Mass

/ 10 the most crucial bit of information is to maintain resistance training not lifting 01:31:07 → 01:31:12

/ 10 the amount of muscle mass you have really really really marks the level of Health that you're going to get 01:31:16 → 01:31:22

/ 10 muscle mass is the most important for healthy aging 01:31:30 → 01:31:32

Need for Government Intervention

/ 10 my mission is to destigmatize obesity 01:41:54 → 01:42:00

/ 10 government thinks that a lot of it is personal responsibility 01:42:22 → 01:42:26

/ 10 we need to put money in the right places fix the environment make sure that the the treatment and supports making healthier food cheaper that's government responsibility 01:42:32 → 01:42:41

Reassessing Priorities

/ 10 I think you learn a lot more about yourself when things go downhill 01:46:36 → 01:46:39

/ 10 it does make you think about things 01:49:17 → 01:49:19

/ 10 it did make me reassess my priorities 01:46:49 → 01:46:51

Looking at Family Health History

/ 10 the most guaranteed way the easiest way of telling the future of how where you're going to end up is to look at your parents 01:48:34 → 01:48:41

/ 10 you look at it it's a picture in essence not 100 of your future 01:48:52 → 01:48:56

Pseudoscience in Healthcare

/ 10 even in hospital even when people are seriously ills people are still talking maybe because they're seriously ill they're talking about this pseudoscientific approaches to their health 01:49:49 → 01:50:00

/ 10 this Insidious pseudoscience that we were talking about was still able to seep into a hospital into the person next to her 01:49:27 → 01:49:35

Importance of Healthy Food

/ 10 I would make healthier food cheaper 01:43:14 → 01:43:15

/ 10 we need to make healthier food cheaper all the way across the board 01:43:29 → 01:43:32

/ 10 I'm not going to cancel chocolate I'm going to try and make it healthier 01:43:56 → 01:43:58

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