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Experts Reveal When Artificial Intelligence Will Control The World

01:17 17:50

AI as a Tool for Control

/ 10 AI can track and surveil every single one of your financial transactions. AI could control a cashless Society. 00:30 → 00:36

/ 10 Universal basic income to me sounds like extreme communism and control. 05:41 → 05:47

/ 10 You are essentially just a digit, a non-human, a cell on a spreadsheet. 06:24 → 06:30

/ 10 With the evolution and digitization of currency, you could be paid in some kind of Central Bank digital currency where if they don't like your spending habits they'll reduce the amount you get. 06:55 → 07:09

/ 10 We have a collection of hyper powerful kind of transnational interests that seem to be seeking to dominate control for their own interests. 11:20 → 11:30

/ 10 The German, British, and American military industrial complex envision a world of implantables and a combination of biomechanical modifications of humans and directed Evolution or genetic modification. 12:56 → 13:21

/ 10 Breaching well-established biomedical ethical boundaries is just considered kind of a casualty of real politic and War. 14:54 → 15:03

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